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2023 Snipers Unknown 

Rules and Guidelines


Safety and Conduct 

For the duration all of the Snipers Unknown Challenge matches all firearms will be unloaded and clear within the entire property. 


Firearms will be loaded and unloaded under supervision of a Ranger Officer within shooting and staging area. 


Hearing protection will be worn by all staff and competitors while targets are being engaged. 


Firearm safety is paramount and range officers, range master and competitors will handle all weapons as of loaded at all times. 

Negligent discharge, failure to maintain control of firearm or abandoning a firearm can lead to disqualifications of a stage or termination from the competition. 

Firearm and Optics Restrictions

Mission dictates weapon selection and what your team will utilize. Plan accordingly with guidelines provide below.


  • All muzzle velocities will remain under 3,200 fps for all firearms and magnum cartridges are not authorized. 

  • Largest authorized projectile will be no larger than 220 grains. 

  • Smallest caliber authorized for rifle will be .223 Rem/5.556x45. Smallest for pistol caliber will be 9 mm. No armor piercing, penetrator, incendiary, steel core, or jacketed projectiles will be authorized. 

  • Optics on are authorized on both rifles and pistols, and there are no restrictions too magnification. Binos and spotting scopes also have no restrictions. 

  • Range finders are authorized and can be mounted on weapon systems or handheld. Either option must be able to be taken off or put away if requested by range officer at any given time. 


Gear Restrictions

See Each Match Details For Restrictions

Each team will carry one pistol, one riles and one rucksack/backpack for the entire event. Food, water, ammo and supplies must be on your person each day. No one will be allowed to go back to rooms or vehicles once the days events have begun. It is highly recommended to have 100 rounds of pistol and 150 rounds of rifle. 

Each shooter must have holster a worn that can retain their pistol, while crawling, jumping and running. Pistols deemed unsafe will not be allowed to be utilized during that stage and possible the entire competition. 


A primary and secondary shooter must be identified. Secondary shooter must use 308 Winchester/7.62x51 or 223 Rem/5.56x45. Primary shooter can any use any caliber that doesn't not exceed specified rules. 

Any item such gear, clothing or equipment left at a stage will be considered lost and unavailable for the remainder of that day. 


Packing List 

  • White Light on Pistols (encouraged, but not mandatory)

  • Slings for both rifles (For retainability and to be able to go hands free)

  • Rucks/Packs for both team members. As they will be need to pack out for the day

  • Tripods for both team members

  • Rear Bag for both team members (1 per person)

  • Each member of the team must have a pistol and rifle 

  • Headlamps (mandatory) 


Ammo count is at a minimum 100 pistol/150 rifle for each team member. Plus what you may need to zero and for data confirmation. 150 per shooter is highly encouraged. 

For Team Stalk Event

See Match Details if Required  

  • Cobra Hood/Ghile Top (Whatever you may want to conceal yourself)

  • Tripods for both memebers

  • Binos and/or Spotting Scope

  • GPS /  Compass

  • Drag Bag (optional)

  • Face Paint

  • Chest Rig/Fanny Pack (some type of load bearing kit)

  • Gloves

  • Map Markers 

  • Both Rifles (no pistols needed)

  • We only have blanks for .308 and 5.56. If shooting something different, must provide blanks for that platform. 


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